Our Belief

We believe that – Young people are changing the world today, creating the reality of tomorrow. Speaking up, challenging norms, collaborating, and building networks – young advocates are driving positive change in their communities, countries, and around the world. My Age is shifting the youth conversation in favor of meaningful youth engagement because we know young people are shaping a gender equal future. It’s time to follow their lead. We do this through:


My Age shapes the conversation on youth engagement and helps increase the visibility of the young people by identifying national, regional and global platforms for them to contribute equally to the conversation and share their expertise and experiences.

Through collaboration and partnerships with community, country level, regional and global influencers and other youth-led and youth-serving organizations, the organisation elevates young people’s advocacy efforts and voices.


My Age provides trainings and skill development through youth friendly publications, workshops as well as linking young people with opportunities for training from its partners and other key players relation to our work.

The trainings offer peer-to-peer learning and engagement with subject-matter experts, and provides a solid foundation of advocacy, SRHR, self awareness, leadership, and issue-based knowledge for different kind of groupings for young people.


My Age Zimbabwe believes in Partnerships for progress, the organisation is part of coalitions as a member and always looks for opportunities to elevate the voices of young people and supports their participation in the country, regional and global conversations. My Age therefore identifies national, regional and global networks and position opportunities for young people to be part of the movements as well speaking opportunities and  elevating young people to positions of influence and power, including on panels, on commissions, and on boards.