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MAYA Festival takes over.

Explicit euphoria invaded the atmosphere as the anticipating crowd cheered in what seemed like an unusual cross between curiosity for what they were about to

What’s Your Greatest Craps Strategy?

Oftentimes, most of these wager win or lose only after several cube rolls, for the rationale that shooter retains rolling until he craps out or lands the purpose once more. Multi roll bets on the craps table can be likened to side bets in a sport of Roulette. With this craps strategy, rather than anticipate a degree to get established by the shooter, you choose numbers yourselves. Apart from 7, the other frequent numbers here are numbers 6 & 8. Most experienced craps gamers in this recreation avoid other place bets as they arrive with a better house edge – 4% on either 9 or 5 and 6.67% on either 10 or 4.

Strategem in Advocacy

In war when armies storm  cities what is expected of them? The most obvious thing is to destroy the whole including the resistance and this

Youth Participation in Community Governance

The Youth Engage Project seeks to contribute towards the creation of a democratic society where young people participate in community governance and collaborate with local

My Age Zimbabwe Trust Scoops an Award

My Age Zimbabwe Trust has scored yet another one before the year ends to add to the existing tally of success stories. The organization is

Ending Child Marriages

Lack of access to education increases the chances of child marriage, and early and forced marriage is one of the key barriers to accessing education

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