The project’s overall objective is to facilitate an empowered and peaceful youth population in Zimbabwe that constructively and peacefully participates in the country’s governance, policy making, and development processes at large in Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe. The project looks at engaging youth prior and after the 2018 Harmonised Elections in Zimbabwe  promoting peaceful and non-violent youth participation in Zimbabwe’s upcoming July 2018 general elections and post elections processes. The project t also facilitate space and opportunities for youth from all walks of life in Masvingo to meet and reflect on the need for peaceful political processes among and between different factions. The project is mobilizes youths and youth leaders across the seven (7) districts of Masvingo: Chivi, Gutu, Chiredzi, Zaka, Mwenezi, Masvingo and Bikita. Activities include digital conversations, peace ambassador trainings, community dialogues, advocacy caucuses, e.t.c