In Partnership with Network for Youth Development (NfYD Malawi with the support of FK Norway, My Age Zimbabwe is implementing a  youth exchange program called Action for Youth in Sustainable Environment and Empowerment (AYESE). The project focuses on strengthening youth leadership skills and enhanced youth participation in Zimbabwe and Malawi. AYESE is about developing the skills and attitudes that young people need for positive development. Positive development occurs when young people have the opportunities and support to contribute to society in a way that is valued and respected. Meaningful involvement helps young people to add value to their lives and societies. The program have created opportunities for 6 (3 males and 3 females) young leaders from My Age Zimbabwe and NfYD Malawi. MyAge Zimbabwe is hosting 3 young leaders from Malawi and NfYD will host 3 young leaders from Zimbabwe. The first round exchange period is 6 months and 2 months information work (January-August 2017) where participants shall implement best practices and lessons learnt during the exchange to make a difference in the communities and home organisation. The participants will also become champions of young people’s SRHR and socio-economic rights, identifying opportunities for advocacy at local, national, regional and global levels.