In war when armies storm  cities what is expected of them? The most obvious thing is to destroy the whole including the resistance and this is said to be a conquest. A good General does not use the siege approach which is destructive but instead manoeuvres using Intel maps and foot soldiers to out do his or her enemy and take over a city with little destruction.
The same with advocacy you have an issue that you want to push forward the same strategem used in a war situation can be used,  believe me advocacy is a diplomatic war that requires research and facts equated to the intelligence and maps at the place of contact in war. As advocates we should be guided by the principles of strategem and i assure you change would be inevitable. Public policy has its flaws and DATA RINESIMBA (there is power in data) that is the ammunition we all need to ensure we wage an effective war, 2017 is upon us lets have a data inspired advocacy year. Alarming Stats are there for our consumption and to act on we can be victors in the battlefront we are the foot soldiers.