The Youth Engage Project seeks to contribute towards the creation of a democratic society where young people participate in community governance and collaborate with local authorities and leaders for their own development.
The project is being implemented in Masvingo Rural District with objectives; To increase the knowledge of 8 000 youths in Masvingo District to claim their rights, exercise their responsibilities and participate in local governance processes by December 2016. To build the capacity of 200 young people in Masvingo Province, to influence local governance processes by December 2016. To enhance the representation and meaningful participation of young women and young men in the development of their communities through village assemblies and ward development committees.
The Youth Engage Project (YEP), aims to ensure that young men and women in Zimbabwe are able to work with their fellow youths in a constructive manner, to positively impact their communities

1. Facilitating Youth Consultations
2. Disseminating outcomes of Youth consultations to key stakeholders within the community
3. Training duty bearers on youth involvement
4. Facilitating dialogues between young people and policy makers within their communities
5. Facilitating youth exchange visits between youths in Masvingo and youth in other areas