My Age and Dot Youth a youth organisation in Zimbabwe have partnered in Implementing the I Pad Campaign. On average a girl will miss 48 days of their academic year, which is 20% of their academic year due to menstrual hygiene challenges. With Bulawayo having recorded 7 508 teenage pregnancies in 2014 alone and having a child marriage prevalence rate of 10%, improving the status of women and girls by coming up with sustainable community based strategies to meet the needs of girls and women is a priority in addressing and curbing these challenges, with particular attention to their sexual and reproductive health needs. The iPad campaign (iPad is a slang word meaning “The Pad”) sought to engage communities in Bulawayo and Masvingo to come up with sustainable strategies for meeting the needs of girls with Menstrual Hygiene Management as an entry point. The campaign is implemented in partnership with the Min of Women Affairs Gender and community development, Min of Youth Indigenisation and Economic Development, Min of Education, the business community as well as the community based organizations. My Age is implementing this project in Masvingo and Mashonaland east.