My Age Zimbabwe is the chapter of MYCRO-International, known as the Movement for youths and children’s rights organisation. (MYCRO) is a non-profit and non-governmental charitable organization that first established in Sierra Leone in 2007/8. Internationaly, we are established to help salvage the issues facing children and youths in Africa. We are young assisting young organization to build a culture of community inclusiveness, awareness, support, networking and reach for change in Africa. We have only one agenda to change, improve and better the lives of children and youths. We believe as young people, we should be active partaker of development within our communities, cities, provinces, countries and the global world. Our belief in COMMUNITY INCLUSIVENESS, AWARENESS, GIFT of HOPE and NETWORKING in West Africa & REACH FOR POSITIVE CHANGE in North, East and Southern Africa motivates us to reach out and create positive impact and change for youths and children.