The overall objective of Youth Choose project is to use theatre as a channel to create a conducive environment to advocate for Choose to Sexual Reproductive Health services (ASRH) by adolescents and young people (10 to 24) in order to increase service uptake by the same target group in Masvingo Urban by June 2016.The Youth Choose Project is the result of project that aims at contributing to this vision by using theatre, music, drama and dance as a catalyst for creating an enabling environment for advocating for the scaling up of Sexual and Reproductive health services for adolescents and young people in Masvingo. This will contribute in improving the sexual and reproductive health status of adolescents and young people aged 10 to 24 in Masvingo Urban district by the end of June 2016.

This Programme serves as a critical catalytic event for youth programming in as it creates an enabling environment for advocacy, stimulates discussion at the same time building capacity of young people to Choose youth friendly health services like HTC, family planning, STI screening among others. It will also facilitate dialogue between parents, teachers, young people, community leaders and stakeholders on sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV and AIDS issues. The Programme enables bench-marking leadership on youth sexual and reproductive issues through engagement with already trained YPISA who will be engaged to as already active advocates as well as to refer young people for services through the project activities. It exerts peer pressure on key stakeholders to raise their standards on youth friendly health service provision for young people.