MAYA Festival takes over.

Explicit euphoria invaded the atmosphere as the anticipating crowd cheered in what seemed like an unusual cross between curiosity for what they were about to witness, as well as a […]

International Women’s Day : Why ?

So I was brainstorming on what we can do as an organization on that day as we celebrate and commemorate the day. Then I asked myself why do we commemorate […]

Driving Gender Equality with Data and Information

In the development field, researchers, programmers and policymakers often seek to collect as much data as possible. However,  in this quest, we can sometimes forget about ensuring our communities need […]

Strategem in Advocacy

In war when armies storm  cities what is expected of them? The most obvious thing is to destroy the whole including the resistance and this is said to be a […]

Youth Participation in Community Governance

The Youth Engage Project seeks to contribute towards the creation of a democratic society where young people participate in community governance and collaborate with local authorities and leaders for their […]